Meet Sid

Glad you’re taking the time to get to know us better.

We are a creative agency working globally from Europe & North America


Over 900 multidisciplinary professionals

Our artisans engage today’s consumers across all touchpoints.

They’re caring, progressive, bold, and persevering.

Together, they seek to deepen their understanding of human behavior, while embracing change, technology, and innovation.

Truly engaged leaders

We believe in the power of collaboration to overcome challenges. Our group is led by 50+ leaders with a stake in the game: an unusual but powerful leadership model.


Executive team

kyu, a new kind of collective

As part of kyu, a group of top-tier global creative services companies, we propel our belief that creativity has the power to move the economy and society forward.

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ATÖLYEBEworks, C2, Godfrey Dadich PartnersIDEOKepler Group, Public Digital, SYPartners

Sid Lee x YARD: A deep dive into culture

As a content producer and audience aggregator, YARD adds complementary competencies to Sid Lee’s existing business model. With extensive expertise in branded content for young urban consumers, YARD is a key addition to our collective and indeed a natural fit.

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Sid Lee x Haigo: Embracing design thinking and agility

With the user at the very core of its approach and work methodology, Haigo strengthens and broadens Sid Lee’s service offering. Driven by a deep curiosity of the end user, Haigo conceptualizes, designs and creates both tangible and useful products and services that go beyond the original client ask. Their skillset and boundary-breaking mentality align perfectly with our creative community’s goal of creating what matters.

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Our beliefs


Relationships we cultivate are built on trust and the removal of boundaries between people and disciplines.

Celebration of creativity

We elevate our creativity to deliver work that matters.

Strategic thinking

Creativity should be rooted in actionable data and best-in-class strategy, leading to solid business results.

Integrated production capabilities

From branded content and digital solutions, to experiential activations and architecture, we have one of the largest in-house teams of builders in the industry.

Agile thinking and making

Unless an outside partner can do it better, we do it ourselves.

Commercial creativityTM

We pioneered this approach over 20 years ago by embracing all business-focused creative disciplines and ignoring the traditional boundaries that cause siloed thinking between crafts. It’s our commitment to seeking best practices instead of the same old patterns.


The story of Sid Lee is a story of embracing change

In 1993, two university graduates with no money, no portfolio, and no job prospects founded their own advertising agency. This agency has repeatedly changed itself over the years to better adapt to consumers, technologies, and markets. 

From Diesel to Sid Lee, from local advertising agency to global creative service firm with world-renowned clients like Cirque du Soleil and adidas, from one Montreal office to six international offices around the globe, Sid Lee’s mission has always been to produce work that is ambitious, impactful, and relevant.

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Act on what really matters for people and our planet

Social responsibility is part of our mission to create what matters. We act based on our values and believe in our ability to do good for our community and our society. To that end, we also encourage our clients and partners to do their part. We look optimistically towards the future and, even though we’ve still got a long way to go, we’re improving and taking steps in the right direction, collectively.

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lee collective

We empower people to create what matters

Sid Lee Collective is a creative incubator that helps fund, produce, and exhibit passion projects of fearless, global artisans. Since we believe everyone benefits from pursuing passion projects, all employees get up to 10% of their time to make those projects happen.

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